Let’s start your entrepreneurship journey in the beauty industry with the enigmatic Lush Beauty Spa.

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Franchise - Lush Beauty Spa

Our history date back to more than 10 years ago. When our founders, had a hard time finding a beauty salon that is clean, customer focus, and consistent professional service during her business trip.

Lush was designed to bring delightful and beneficial services to client who demanded more than a manicure, we want to WOW them, to have them come back and bring their friends because of our relaxing, yet professional atmosphere and services.

We do several things at set us apart from the crowd:

We understand perfect nails equal total confidence. That’s why we help our customer to get the best nail service possible during their visit by a fully trained professional.

Hygiene obsessed - owner, manager and staff work tirelessly to ensure the highest standard of sanitation using medical grade sterilizers and one-time disposable implements.

You can expect cutting edge technology where customers will come and experience the posh, quick, and long last nail, wax, and eyes-lashes services.

Come for the nails, stay for the experience.

With Lush Beauty Spa

  • Training & support

    Initial training program in-depth both on-site and at Company Headquarters. In addition, on-the-spot assistance, Refresher, including regular visits to your location. We provide instruction, online tools and access to our services with experienced Team Support.

  • Start-up assistance

    Start-up help including site selection advice, recommended layouts, necessary equipment, decorations specification, 3rd party investment and more.

  • Vendor relationships

    Relationships with licensed vendors and existing providers, and access to customized applications for business management advance.

  • Operations manual

    Manual of operations including guide to pre-opening, tried and true business systems for pro-accessibility assistance. Policies on customer support, operating quality and many more.

  • Marketing & communications

    Marketing, branding and promotional assistance, including the Company website presence.

Franchise - Lush Beauty Spa

Franchise - Lush Beauty Spa


We are looking for the positive in others, and are diligent in the pursuit and challenge to help them reach their goals and continue on the right route (not the easy way) in our own achievement.

We consider positives or negatives are contagious attitudes and expect the tone and depth of leadership every day, from the Lush Beauty Spa brand culture

We take advantage of any chance to make a difference that affects lives. We are committed to the quantitative measures to be taken to pro-accountability, recognizing this orthodox success.

Our family, team, franchisees and guests are influenced by this.

How to Become Our Franchise

  • Franchise Request Form

    Complete the Franchise order for Lush Beauty Spa. Check the data Section (right side)(below)

  • Introductory call to meet us and get your...

    We will answer all your questions and give you more information with detailed certification, detailed specifications and what to do, and tell you where territories are open.

  • Submit your Form

    Give your Consideration Question and receive a report on Franchise Disclosure (FDD)

  • Attend our “Lush Family Day”

    You are going to have one-on-one time with us and get the Lush experience in full! Follow on from Lush we'll regroup and determine if a Family Day happens. The next step is to grant you the Lush franchise. If we invite you, approved, to be a part of the Lush.

  • Receive the Franchise Agreement and review

    You made the intelligent choice to become a Lush Franchise Partner. You would be requested to check franchise agreement. Having a legal professional would be advisable to review the given agreement.

  • Mutual Evaluation… Are we good Franchise Partners?

    We want you to know who we are, and understand What a Franchise Partner means. That's a perfect time to start your own personal creation Business plan based on your findings and materials we made available to you.

Ready to have your own Lush Spa! Just fill the form or call us at1800-292-9105

To Own your Own Lush Beauty Spa

Our enthusiastic team of professionals is ready to assist you to help completing the process. Our comprehensive training and support for franchisees focus on building a profitable business, and brand identity.


Franchise - Lush Beauty Spa

Business for yourself but not by yourself.

We want to support owner to pursue their passion as an entrepreneur.

With so many competing priorities, running a business alone can be overwhelming, it can take a precious time away from an entrepreneur who wants to concentrate on developing their company. “You are not alone at Lush.”

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