Over the years, nail polish has grown to diversify in design and materials. Many paints work to make nails stronger, while others help to make nails less dry and grow longer. However, among dozens of paints available on the market, what is the optimal choice for you? Don't worry, LUSH has a list of different nail polish finishes, to help you identify and make the right choice for yourself. Choose the most suitable nail polish for yourself.


Sheer Finish Nails - Your Optimal Choice

This is a special nail polish, especially for those who love simplicity and nature. Nude or pink is the most characteristic color of this nail polish. Transparent nail polishes help keep the natural color of your nails while preventing discoloration.

Sheer Finish Nails is a great highlight for your nails. They don't have any problems with the texture of the patterns due to the luster.With a naturally tender appearance, the user can be comfortable and confident in any occasion. Nude color products are the most popular nail polish available today.


Metallic Finish Nails - Shiny and strong

As its name suggests Metallic Finish Nails has the same density and lightness as the metallic color. With its sparkle and shine, Metallic Finish Nails is a very popular choice for those who love to go to night parties and clubs, for their ability to stand out from the crowd. Metallic Finish Nails offer a wide variety of metallic color options such as copper, copper, gold, silver, etc. Metal polishing requires some experience.

LUSH recommends painting this nail kit at a nail salon rather than doing it yourself, unless you're ready to invest in home care while doing a manicure. Metallic Finish Nails come in many different forms, and their prices on the market are not cheap.


Creme Finish Nails - elegant and stylish

Creme Finish Nails is a nail polish you can use regularly. It has a small gloss, but not too much. It comes in a uniform color without any additions to accentuate the nails. Creme Finish Nails is suitable to wear in any occasion. Whether going to work, going to college or even on specific occasions, Creme Finish Nails always makes you more special. The advantage of Creme Finish Nails lies in the ease of use, you can completely paint your nails at home.

With a variety of unique and diverse colors to choose from, Creme Finish Nails will not disappoint you when experiencing them. Feel free to choose the right color for yourself. Be careful to avoid scratching the nail, as it is easy to see defects on the nail.


Flakie Finish Nails - universe on nails

This is a special nail that you will need to try at least once in your life. This nail polish has sparkling particles in it for a very seductive look. Often favored with a dark blue color, peeling nails will make your nails look like galaxies or aurorae at midnight.

Flakie Finish Nails is a new highlight in the fashion industry and is gradually creating a new trend. This will be the perfect choice for your nail polish collection later this year.


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