Trendy nail designs to shine your summer 2022

Do you have any ideas for summer nails??? 
Do you love simple or complex designs? pastel or neon nail colors? Fruity, floral, or animal print?
No matter what your favorites are, Lush Beauty Spa can satisfy you with these summer nail ideas.

1. Colorful nails

You do not want to spend too much time and effort on nail designs, but you still want sparkle and colorful nails this summer? This idea is for you. Mixing and matching different bright colors is the simplest way you can do to get amazing summer nails.

If you are girly, you can combine some pastel colors. This effect can make your nails become sweeter and look like candy. Additionally, besides combining contrast colors, you also can combine one color but in different shades.

2. Abstract nail designs

A random abstract pattern with no rule nail design is also highly recommended in this list. In this idea, you can get diverse designs on each fingernail. Because once you change different colors or patterns, it will give you new results. Some abstract patterns are suggested for you such as wavy, triangles, rectangles or even runes symbols that have special meanings about luck, happiness, love or abundance. 

3. Letter and logo nail designs

 If you are a fashionista, getting the logo of a famous and luxury brand on your nails is a creative and unique idea. Let these brands as a tool to assist you to show your own personality.  Enhancing your lavish beauty with the logo of Channel, YSL or Louis Vuitton. Or boost your energy with Nike, Adidas or Puma logo nails. 

4. Animal print nails.

The wildness of animal print combined with summer color tone can bring unique and innovative nails. Although animal patterns are quite simple, they require you to put a lot of time and effort into finishing them. A solution for you is applying animal print stickers on your nails for saving time and getting better appearances. 

5. Fruity and floral nails

Concerning summer, you can not dismiss the idea of tropical fruits and flowers. If you are not a deft person, you can use fruity or floral stickers instead of drawing. The stickers will bring better looks to your nails and you can freely match and mix your favorite without any concerns about how hard the design is. 

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