To make your nails look like a model's, everything's not that simple.

According to some nail modeling experts, such as Lena Randolph and Yana Sheptovetskaya, your nails show more than what they look like. Nails also contain many personal messages about the wearer. But there is much more to being a hand model than having a pair of hands and nails that can't be elegant - you need to look after them day in and day out.

One thing is clear, nail hydration is a major concern for women. Experts explain that women have been blessed with a lot of melanin, so the signs of dry skin are obvious. For improvement, you need to make sure to drink plenty of water during the day to help improve the look of your skin, and getting into the habit of moisturizing at night is an easy way to ensure your hands stay hydrated. In addition, there are additional things to avoid when taking care of your nails. 

"I hate having dry cuticles, and I'm good at cutting my own nails in new and unexpected ways" is what many experts claim. With sunscreen, form a habit - every time I put cream on my face, use a little cream on hand that will help prevent dark spots from developing on that frequently exposed area.


Nail care in the best places

Besides the products that you normally use to take care of your hands and nails, everyone has their own favorite rituals for maintaining beautiful skin. Some will choose to go to the Nails Salon for care. In particular, going to a nail salon is the best choice for the care of your hands, almost all hand models have to go to a nail salon to have a perfect nail salon, and this is also a way to help. they relax. 

You should start with a soak in warm water with a few drops of essential oil or Epsom salt. This extra time can be spent pushing her cuticles back, and working on creating a perfect shape. If you have no interest in nail polish, then you will end up with cuticle oil and hand massage.

If you are not confident with your home manicure skills, don't worry. These questions are frequently encountered by professionals, and the advice they often give is that you should go to a beauty and nail salon. These locations are perfect for you, and nail technicians will listen and give the best advice for your nails. “I go to nail technicians a few times a month just because they do better than me. I can't emphasize that - the quality of your nail technique can change everything, "says Sheptovetskaya. Sometimes, even if your nails look great, your nails have. 

If you love to do nail salon work, do your research and find someone carefully, pay attention to every detail. Set a very high nail standard and don't give up until you find someone. However, if you are removing polish at home, be sure to use a soy polish remover to keep your nails from drying out.

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