Why nails are so important to your health

A healthy set of nails should be smooth and hard, free of dents or grooves, and of the right color. If your nails are growing slowly, and the growth rate is not fast, you should consult the following remedies to make them grow faster. A lot of technical tips to care for and maintain the nail at home will be very helpful.


Home remedies for nail growth

There is no proven scientific method to make nails grow faster. But taking good care of your body through proper nutrition and following these tips to strengthen your nails can help your nails grow and grow longer over time.

1. Use biotin to strengthen your nails

For nails, Biotin is a very important vitamin that allows the body to turn food into energy. Biotin is often recommended by scientists, as an additional ingredient to help strengthen the hair and nails.

According to scientific studies, a daily supplement of biotin can help keep nails strong. If you take the right amount of biotin each day, about 2.5 mg of biotin will improve nail strength, and even make your nails grow longer. Biotin can be found in many natural ingredients such as eggs, bananas, mushrooms, ...


2. The nail hardener helps a lot

In fact, most of our nails have some degree of softness, making them more susceptible to fracture. This also increases the need for nail regrowth. To avoid nail damage that can lead to broken nails, scientists often recommend using nail hardeners. These are nail polish removers that look like polishes and are then removed with nail polish remover.

This will strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking in a certain time, making you more confident about your strong nails. However, it is important to use the correct nail hardener, suitable for the condition of the nail set. If you don't want the hardener to cause lasting damage to your nails.


3. Practice the most effective nail care

Nail care is like care for your body, you need to brush regularly, pay attention to the strength of the nail, encourage growth and reduce breakage. There are many other effective ways to keep your nails well maintained as well.

Keep your nails dry and clean, prevent bacteria from growing underneath them; Use scissors or sharp nail clippers to cut your nails straight and then use them to round the tips of the nails into a soft curve

Besides, learn how to moisturize the skin of your hands and nails with lotion, this helps the ingredients in the nail get firm and not weather damage.

Note, you should give up the habit of nail biting or cutting nails too short, as it will make your nails noticeably weaker.


4. Stop or avoid the use of harmful substances that can affect the nails

Leading nail experts have shown that our regular use of glue-based artificial nails can weaken real nails and become more prone to breakage. Choosing commercially available ingredients such as a good nail polish kit will help you to minimize the risk of damaging your nails.


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