Add Biotin to nails

Scientific studies show that brittle, easily flaky and broken human nails is a sign of biotin deficiency. To fix this problem, all you need to do right away is to add the necessary amount of B vitamins to your diet.

Biotin-rich foods can help strengthen brittle nails. According to many scientific studies, there has been a significant increase in nail thickness and hardness after supplementing with 2.5mg of biotin per day.

Alternatively, you might also consider using some Biotin supplements for effective nails. Usually applied when taking care of nails.


Increase the amount of vitamin B9 for stronger nails

A rough set of nails can ruin the natural beauty of your nails. What you need to do now is to increase your vitamin B9 content, for stronger nails. Vitamin B9 has a special function: to repair and multiply the cells that make up the nail, helping to speed up growth and promote overall nail health. Vitamin B9 can also help strengthen nails and prevent flaking.

The lack of folic acid in the nails can cause discoloration and contribute to brittle and weak nails. Therefore, Vitamin B9 is the most effective solution to prevent this condition. You can get Vitamin B9 by eating foods like beans and whole grains that are rich in folic acid. Or you can also buy over-the-counter folic acid supplements.


Use Natural Nail Polish

One advice for those who want nail polish, is to avoid using 'free' varnishes to eliminate any potentially harmful chemicals. These varnishes have the risk of containing banned substances, or chemicals that are harmful to the body. You need to identify which brand of nail polish you want to use. In particular, natural nail polishes need to study carefully about the composition, use and ability to suit your nails.

Therefore, you need to consult many nail brands currently on the market to find the most suitable option. Some great free brands are Kure Bazaar, Nailberry and Butter London - some of the bigger brands like Nails Inc and Orly are also coming up with less toxic recipes.


Use the Keratin method to treat the nails

Nail hardeners can bounce and slip, often making the nail so hard that it is completely broken. Cue keratin - the best booster around. Found naturally in nails, it does the job of making them flexible - but don't let that discourage you. It doesn't mean they'll be thin, brittle or bent, but are sturdy and are much less likely to crack.

Don't use your nail as a tool, be gentle with it.


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