How to choose the best matching nail polish colors for your skin tones. (Part 3 - Dark skin tones)

Not all trendy colors will match your complexion. 
Like outfits or hairstyles, you have to spend a lot of time and money to select the right nail colors. But, not everyone is patient enough to try many times.To help customers, Lush's experts will share some tips for choosing the best nail color that compliments your skin tone.

If you find it difficult to choose the right nail colors for your dark skin, then this post is dedicated to you. In fact, dark skin tones have advantages that fair and medium skin types don't have. White skin should not choose blue tone because it will make the skin look lifeless. Medium skin should not combine with high-impact hues because it will reveal the flaws of the skin. skin. Whereas dark skin can completely choose all. Some suggestions below for nail color to help dark skin girls become more attractive.


When talking about nude nail polish, the first priority for dark skin is nude tones mixed with beige or cream. Furthermore, if you want your hands to become slimmer, you should choose nude polish with a transparent texture like jelly.


Dark-skinned girls are always hesitant to try high-impact colors. This is not too surprising when the red or orange-red tone will make these girls look less attractive, and lack harmony and sophistication. However, ladies can absolutely choose a deep red nail color to become as sweet and passionate as a glass of red wine.


It seems that pink will add sweetness to honey cake skin, but in fact, you should consider when choosing pink nail polish. Lush beauty spa recommends using pink colors with light shades, not too bright to create harmony for the nails.


The use of blue nail polish will not make dark skin become lifeless. You can freely choose your favorite blue color. However, to become more luxurious and sophisticated in the eyes of everyone, you should limit choosing pastel blue colors for your nails.

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