How to choose the best matching nail polish colors for your skin tones. (Part 2 - Medium-olive skin tones).

Not all trendy colors will match your complexion. 

Like outfits or hairstyles, you have to spend a lot of time and money to select the right nail colors. But, not everyone is patient enough to try many times.To help customers, Lush's experts will share some tips for choosing the best nail color that compliments your skin tone.

There is no denying the advantages that medium skin tones bring to you. Besides looking healthier and more active, they also help you become completely new as each color combines the skin to bring out its own shade depending on the undertone (from bronzy to olive). Some recommended nail polishes can brighten your skin as below:


Girls with medium skin tones can try every nude tone, especially nude tones with a bit of beige, without worrying about revealing pale skin defects like girls with fair skin.


While red gives women a feminine and seductive appeal, it is also an exceedingly unappealing hue for women who have a medium or dark complexion. To be able to brighten up your complexion, girls with medium skin should emphasize light red nail paint hues, combined with a little orange instead of pure red.


While it is impossible to experiment with brilliant pink hues like white skin, delicate pastel pink tones are ideal for the medium complexion. Sweet peachy pink nail paint is also a perfect choice for a medium skin girl.


Blue is really good for medium skin tones. From gentle blue tones like pastel to darker blue tones like navy, they are also very flattering on this skin tone. Medium skin girls will be able to choose any color of their favorite blue nail polish without thinking about its limitations on their skin tone.

What nail color do Lush’s girls love ? 

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