How to choose the best matching nail polish colors for your skin tones. (Part 1 - Light skin tone)

Not all trendy colors will match your complexion. 
Like outfits or hairstyles, you have to spend a lot of time and money to select the right nail colors. But, not everyone is patient enough to try many times.To help customers, Lush's experts will share some tips for choosing the best nail color that compliments your skin tone.

 Light skin tone is often considered a very cool skin tone. It is quite easy when choosing nail hues because they fit all colors. These are some recommended colors to enrich and complement your skin:


Nude polishes are always a trendy color and the preferred choice of those who love simplicity, but finding the ideal nude color for your nails is an endless trial-and-error process. Those with pale skin tones should choose for a sheer pinkish nude rather than a beige.

                                                                              Nude nail polish for pale skin


Red nail polish is a must-have for ladies who enjoy the allure of a perfect cut-out dress. For females with fair complexion, red polish not only hides the flaws of pale skin but also serves as a piece of expensive jewelry, adding elegance and attractiveness

                                                                             Red nail polish for pale skin


It is an undeniable fact that people with light skin tones always have many choices with pink nail polishes. Any kind of pink hues can enhance the advantages of white skin. But, if you want to find creative and interesting experiences, why don't you try a brighter pink like super bright fuchsias with cool undertones. 

                                                                               Pink nail polish for pale skin


Owning white skin means that you will have to make a more careful decision in choosing blue polishes because they cannot cover the pale flaws of the skin and sometimes unintentionally makes you look lifeless.  A few suggestions for you is trying cobalt or navy blue before deciding to try other blue tones.

Blue nail polish for pale skin

Are there any colors you want to try but are still wondering whether it matches your skin tone or not? 

For more advice and to find the right paint color, don’t hesitate to contact Lush beauty spa right away!

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