All about lash extensions you must know.

lash extension guideline



1. Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

Real mink is a luxurious material which is made of real mink fur and has a natural, light, and airy look. Because of its lightness, this material lasts longer than synthetic materials. However, real mink lashes are among the most expensive materials, and they must be curled on a regular basis because they do not come curled. If you are sensitive to animal fur, you may experience discomfort or redness.

2. Sable Eyelash Extensions

Sable lash extensions are made from real sable fur. These eyelash extensions are made of the thinnest material available and work well with thin lashes. Sable lashes have a wispy look and will not clog your natural lashes. However, sable lashes are not as popular as mink lashes.

3. Fox Eyelash Extensions

Fox lash extensions are made with fox fur. These lashes are not widely used. These are naturally reddish like a fox’s fur, but you can also find these in other colors. Fox fur lashes are soft and shiny but require curling.


1. Faux Animal Fur Eyelash Extensions

Faux lashes are great since they’re glossier than real fur, they come in a variety of styles, and you might not need to curl them often or at all. However, Faux animal fur lashes typically look more dramatic than real animal fur.

2. Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are synthetic and use materials made from silk fiber. They’re considered a mid-weight extension and are thicker than other types. 

These extensions work best for those with strong eyelashes because of the added weight. Synthetic silk lash extensions still look natural, but appear bolder than other types.



Keep in mind that lash extensions are made to last a long time. If you want a more natural look, stick with thinner lashes.The thicker the lashes, the more dramatic the look. Thick lashes also weigh down your natural lashes. If you have thin or weak lashes, you can end up damaging your natural lashes.


. If you have naturally shorter lashes, you can go with a long lash for a more dramatic look. Length also plays a big part in your curl. If you want a strong curl, you’ll need longer lashes so the curl stands out. 


Lash extensions can come with different types of curls and each curl type is defined by its shape. The lash curl types are categorized by letter . Lush Beauty Spa will introduce the most common curls below.

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