So, if you feel like you can't keep your new nail intact, don't hesitate to find out the cause and find a solution to this problem. It was a complicated chain of causes hidden underneath that nail. Here are ten common causes of brittle nails and exactly what you can do to prevent breakage.


You are constantly biting your nails.

Whether you do it out of distraction, anxiety or boredom, biting your nails not only makes them more fragile, but makes you more susceptible to infection. “Saliva, which is a digestive enzyme and breaks down food, dissolves nails and cuticles, making them weak and brittle. 

To fix this, keep your nails neat and short, which makes it harder to actually gnaw on them. You can also try a nail treatment that tastes bitter to motivate you to give up the habit. If all else fails, identifying your triggers and addressing any source concerns can also be a good approach.


Lack of iron causes reactions under your fingernails

Concave or sunken fingernails can be caused by low iron or anemia. Understand that iron helps form hemoglobin, a molecule that transports fresh oxygenated red blood cells to your foundation. Without adequate supply of nutrients, your body will not respond and become tired. At the same time, the nails also show many signs of concave

To fix this problem, you should check regularly for signs of concave nails, which is a sign that you should go to your doctor to have blood tests and to get iron-rich foods, like grass-fed beef. , spinach, beans and legumes, oysters, and even dark chocolate.


Repeatedly use your fingers to press keys and type words

Did you know that your nails make a clicking sound when sending emails and text messages? If so, you're damaging your nails faster than you think. If your nails are repeatedly exposed to the keyboard or smartphone screen, it could cause the nail to split, break or fray at the edges.

To remedy this, you can file or trim your fingernail so that only a little bit of the white nail remains (but still below the upper flesh of the finger). That will make it possible to text and enter text with just the keyboard of your finger.


Using too much hand sanitizer

Just like frequent hand washing can make nails brittle, so constantly applying hand sanitizer, thanks to the high concentration of drying alcohol. This can have lasting negative effects on the quality of the nail set.

To remedy this, if you are feeling uncomfortable and need to use hand sanitizer, try to avoid the area around your nails until you can wash your hands properly. Using hand sanitizer wipes can make this a little easier. But if you prefer to use liquid products, just use hand sanitizer to rebalance the moisture.


Cut the cuticles on the nail

Get back from the cuticles. These parts of the skin at the base of the nail are basically a protective layer between the nail and the skin, protecting the nail from water, bacteria and anything else you touch. Cutting the cuticle is like removing that mortar - and then there's nothing left to stop water from entering and causing infection.

Learn to tame the cuticles by gently pushing them back with a washcloth after you shower - no cuts are allowed.


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