Nails grow faster in warmer summer conditions, than in cold winter climates

One of the quirky facts that you won't expect, is that in hot and humid summer environments, your nails tend to grow faster than winter. The reason is because the hot and humid weather of summer easily causes the body to secrete more substances, to protect the body. Warm temperatures also cause the nails in the body to circulate more, allowing nails to grow faster than cold climates.


Typing with your nails will actually stimulate their growth, and has a similar effect to a nail massage.

This is an interesting fact, as most of us are very uncomfortable typing with long nails. But in fact, the constant and frequent typing gives your fingers more flexibility, making the nail growth faster. Likewise, nail massage also has an impact on the development of the nail, choose for yourself a reputable nail care destination like LUSH to be cared for and help strengthen your nails.


Nail polish has been developed to contain many of the ingredients that make nails stronger.

In fact, the ingredients in today's nail polish are the result of a long research and manufacturing process. The more common ingredients in nail polishes such as formaldehyde, beeswax, and gelatin help keep your nails strong and shiny. These ingredients are formulated to not negatively affect the nail, while remaining strong and making the nail look beautiful.


Women's nails grow more slowly than men's nails

Yes, you did not get it wrong. Women's nails actually grow much slower than men's. The reason is not that the majority of women lack nutrients for the development of their nails, but is due to men's health, physical condition and daily movements more than women.

The Keratin ingredient that helps the nails to grow faster is more abundant in the male body, due to the need and genetic factors. To overcome this problem, women may be interested in regular nail care, especially visiting nail salons for assistance to help nails grow faster.


Your fingernails are the reason your fingertips are sensitive

While the fingernail may be hard enough to protect tender flesh, it also has the paradoxical effect of increasing finger sensitivity. It acts as a jet when the tip of the finger touches an object. Fingers are particularly sensitive because of the high density of nerve fibers. Therefore, the process of nail care will greatly affect your fingers. Always take care before attempting to care for your nails.


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