4 Tips for Long and Healthy Eyelashes

Have you taken care of your lashes properly?

Like skin, eyelashes also need to be taken care of.

Eyelashes not only contribute to the beauty of the eyes but also protect the eyes from external factors such as infections, irritation, inflammation, etc.

An eyelash is considered healthy when it meets 3 factors: thick, long, and slightly curved.

Let's delve into the secrets of maintaining healthy eyelashes with the help of Lush's beauty specialists!

 1. Add brushing and moisturizing in your daily eyelashes care routine.

Brushing the eyelashes helps you remove the layer of dirt on the eyelashes, avoiding clogging. This is similar to massage, helping to stimulate the eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.

To increase the effectiveness, you can use essential oils for eyelashes such as: Vitamin E, castor, almond, etc., before going to bed.

2. Let your eyelashes breathe.

Although you need to apply mascara on the eyelashes for better appearance. But the overusing irritants can harm your eyelashes. Therefore, try to limit the chemicals applying on your eyelashes. 

A suggestion from Lush beauty spa is that you can choose eyelash serums before makeup to enhance nourishment and protection.

3. Remove make-up carefully.

Many cases of improper makeup removal after make-up have led to clogging and loss of eyelashes. Eyelashes are very vulnerable, instead of rubbing and scrubbing to remove makeup, you should use cotton wool soaked in makeup remover to wipe. If the mascara is difficult to remove, be patient and repeat it several times until you are sure that the lashes are really clean.

As for the girls who use false eyelashes, use makeup remover or water to soften the adhesive before proceeding to remove the false eyelashes.

4. Nourish from the inside.

Only taking care and cleaning from the outside, however, still cannot fully meet the requirements to have a healthy and attractive eyelash. You need to combine with nourishment from the inside by adding nutrient foods containing protein, beneficial fats, green vegetables, etc. You can consult a doctor about the use of vitamin supplements such as: biotin, vitamin E and collagen to have a healthy body from the inside and especially stunning eyelashes.

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